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Welcome to the Pug Parliament website, sponsored and presented by PugSpeak, LLC. What exactly is the Pug Parliament? Our mission is a simple one: Pug events, pug gatherings, and pug groups take place all over the world. The Pug Parliament is a pug gathering and events organization dedicated to the promotion and exchange of pug information. This is an opportunity for pugs and their owners living in the greater Kansas City area to meet, discuss health and breed issues, as well as training and socialization. In turn, we hope to promote good health and breeding practices, and overall pug awareness and information. We would also like to raise more awareness and promotion to the issue of pug rescue.


And this is a wonderful opportunity to bring people and their pugs together at least once a year who all share at least one common bond - the love of pugs. The pug dog is a special and unparalleled breed. Every owner has a plethora of stories to share and we hope the Pug Parliament may be just the forum. Bringing the pug community together is a lot of fun! There's an esprit de corps unique to this pug group!


I you live outside the greater Kansas City area, but wish to attend a future Pug Parliament, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you and we'd love to have you join in the pug fun.


This pug site also offers information via Pug links, the latest news and photos from Pug Parliament members. If you have a story to share or question to pose for other pug owners, you are welcome to email us.