Pug Parliament Founders


C.K. Dexter Haven Trevor MacCauley Connor Crissman Ian Adrian McLeod Mackenzie Gardner McKay Zander Tiberius Kirk Crissman


Five dashing, smart, and charming pug boys inspired the PugSpeak website and before long, they were meeting other Pugs all over the world. They received emails and postal mail on a regular basis and formed cyber-friendships and pen-pug-pals in Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia. Being resourceful men of action and inititive, they posed another intriguing possibility: Why not start a 'Pug Community' right in our own home town? Other cities have Pug events - why can't we meet other Pug pals in Kansas City? Why not, indeed?


The Boys soon discovered they were natural networkers. With the help of their mom, they began writing and posting flyers and sending emails. And before long, the phone began ringing and emails were flooding the PugSpeak mailbox.


The Boys held their first Pug Parliament on August 13, 2003 and it was a huge success. And people began asking when was the next Pug Parliament. The boys hosted the second Pug Parliament right in their own backyard on October 4, 2003. They couldn't have ordered up a nicer day and even more Pug friends came to this event.


Then the boys suggested the next step: Pug Parliament is growing. Why not give Pug Parliament it's own website? The photos alone necessitate another website. Let's make a new one and see where it takes us! You can't argue with that logic and that brings us to the present. And the rest is Pug history and future...